IMG_72181As we made the, decision to shift from MUMBAI to TURAL – RUSTIC HOLIDAYS, we decided to work towards the  enhancement of villagers  as we are closely attached to them .As all villagers are farmers basically, they don’t have work during their low period .Some are engaged with RUSTIC HOLIDAYS as employee .Some are trying their luck in metro cities for work .They have capacity and skill towards art but don’t have vision. We felt that we must stop this out flow of villagers towards city .And idea generated. We have a HANDICRAFT  STORE in THANE named  SHILPAS –THE HANDICRAFT STORE . We decided to start the HANDICRAFT  PRODUCTION  .With the consolation for over a year  two BACHAT GAT (self help group)with 22 ladies working in a group and some men who work with Rustic holidays  we started the production .  We decided to start TERRACOTTA, WOOD, CLOTH, HANDMADE PAPER articles step by step as our production..With the help of our Terracotta artist friend we started training  for  the ladies from our BACHAT GAT.

With the help of BACHAT GAT we also started cloth bags , quilts, table mats, runner etc.

IN THANE SHOP  we have HANDMADE KANDIL mela in DIWALI .We make all these HANDMADE PAPER KANDIL at our place .With this activity youths( EARN and LEARN procedure )  from TURAL village and our bachat gat get work round the year

This gives great satisfaction of creativity and work to Rustic Holidays.