Be Rustic… Be Nostalgic…

Rustic Holiday is not just a name but a destination that amalgamates old & gold. The campus is one-of-its-kind solely because of the rustic charm of olden days as it rekindles the memories of bygone era. Despite of the old homely look, it has all the modern comfort elements that are a part of present urban lifestyle. Tural has the best natural surrounding preserved to recreate your bond with nature. The hospitality and service is garnished with love and fondness to give a feel of being a family member.

The stay facilities are modern and the cuisine is a reminder of your grandmother’s unique delicacies. The open nature invites you to explore umpteen unseen wonders and an opportunity to discover the Solace, peace and tranquility.

200 Year Old Wada (HOUSE)

                                                                           Mud Cottages With Modern Amenities

The cottages which you will stay in, are constructed by the mud of  its land. These Eco friendly cottages are built in typical style of Kokan and gives you earthen feeling & brings you close to nature.

Mud Cottage

 Large Family Rooms With Attached Toilets

         If you are a big Group you may opt to stay In the large Family Rooms/Halls. These are rooms with attached modern toilets. These Rooms have limited Beds especially for Senior Citizens , but we Provide Individual Bedding with mattresses to others.

Courtyard At The Entrance And Common Stay Hall