Real peace for mind and soul. We bet you have not experience such a stage in cities. Rustic Holidays have Earthen cottages


Diwali is festival of lights, colors & joy. But now a days its only about new cloths & expensive fire crackers.

Summer Camp 2015

The urban kids are invited to spend summer, Diwali and Christmas holidays in Kokan at Mamacha Gav.

Solace… Peace… Tranquility… All these are hypothetical terms and our life is often a quest for them. But searching for space to rejuvenate, to refresh is a real requirement, especially for the large populace of urban India. Yes it is indeed a very, very, big need for all the people like you who are a part of highly busy schedules and over-packed routines. And do you have a space that can provide you solace… A space that'll give you the change you require… A place where you can forget your busy schedules and relax without any tension…. Rustic Holidays can give you the answer to all your questions.