Global Village is one term that we are all familiar with.  Technology has made the world a smaller place, and hence the globe is now a village.  Ever wondered as to what really is a village and village life?

In this quest of technological progress, everyone is trying to reach out to the roots – getting back to basics.

Whatever are the resources that one would need in the global village is actually present within a village – self sufficiency, social networking, employment, and development, and most importantly progress.

Childhood Revisited

You did not plan your vacations in those days, because you knew where you were headed — and out came the statement “Mamachya Gavala Jaauya” (Lets head to our Maternal Uncle’s house).

Year after year, the same place – but it was never boring.  The value system that we grew up with, the variety of activities that we had, the food that we savoured, the freedom like a parrot set out of a cage.  How we wish we could go back to those times, how we wish our youngsters particularly children get to experience all this.

Introducing Rustic Holidays

Come mingle with our family – recreate your earlier days, and experience the hospitality and warmth that you found during your childhood days.  You can confidently say “Mamachya Gavala Jaauya”.

Welcome to your abode that is full of tradition, values, culture, serenity, bliss, and a native home, away from the concrete jungles of urban life – a refreshing change that totally recharges you.

We are not talking of a workshop, classes on culture and tradition, nor just a simple adventure camp or a trekking and hiking camp, but something that will be so memorable and gets inscribed in the diary of your lives – nostalgia, reminiscence, memories of that rustic holidays etched forever…An experiential journey beckons you..

Set in the pristine locales of Konkan, known for its abundant green vegetation, 800 feet above mean sea level, in the vast expanse of 135 acres, known as the Rustic Holiday. At Rustic Holidays, you can experience nature at its best. Walk through the Cashew farms, pluck a Mango, or even wade in the water tank. It has all the trappings of a perfect “Rustic Holiday”.

Enjoyment all day, with the night stars as the chandelier, and the moon as your guiding light, stories by your grandparents of folk lore and traditions, lullabies and songs that enchanted you.   Grandmother and Grandfather knew the magic of providing you the right warmth.  A journey of experiential exploration – back to the roots – total freedom, enjoyment, and all fun-n-frolic.

The team takes care of every minute detail…from security, transporting the participants to the campsites and back, arranging their stay and food, organizing treks / games / shows and giving them a perfect rustic experience.


Visit the Rustic Holidays, visit your childhood experiences.

“Mamachya Gavala Jaauya”. Special Features

 You will be staying in a 6000 sq. ft. Wada (House) with huge Courtyards & is located on lush green area spread over 135 acres and having a colorful 200-year history. 

  • Large play grounds spread over 5 acresAbundend supply of pure & non polluted Water
  • Unlimited Home-cooked VEGETARIAN food.
  • Lot of games, sports.Lagori, Aatya-Patya, Kho kho, Khamb-Khamb Khamboli(Piller – piller), Kite flying, Hide and seek, Tug-of-War, Carrom, Chess, Badminton, Football, Baseball, Basketball, Cricket, Cycling, Taking a dip in a pond and lots of rural games. Traditional games for girls
  • Making Killa(Fort) – Playing in mud ,
  • Participation in Local festivals and folk performances
  • Plucking Mangoes, Cashews and other fruits
  • Huge well-equipped open-air theatre with professional microphone and sound systems .