Rustic Home stay

“Rustic Holidays” is the story of the journey of 6 generations. Our 200 year old house is the only home stay in Kokan which can accommodate 200+ people under one roof. As “Khots” (meaning Head) of the village, and as per tradition, our ancestors  have been responsible for bringing individuals and families to Tural and setting up “Teliwadi” and “Sutarwadi”, also ensuring their well being.

Staying in Thane and having a successful and flourishing professional life  Me(Nitin) as TV film editor and Shilpa having a Handicraft boutique  named Shilpa’s The Handicraft Store (For ten years )took a very conscious decision to move to Tural to carry forward  culture and traditions in the changing times. Moving to Tural was the biggest and most important decisions we have made.

We are Pioneers of the theme “Mamacha Gaon” and started The Famous Chindrens Camp “mamachya Gavala Jaauya” way back in 2004. We converted our 200 year house into a destination where children could enjoy natural, hassle free and gadget free holidays, just as it was many years ago. Along with children camps we also had family camps, only ladies camps and finally in 2011 built Eco Friendly Mud Cottages for Individuals and Families. These cottages were built from the local available resources using Sundried Bricks called Adobes. Flooring is daubed with cow dung  No Cement Concrete has been used in this construction except for the Bathrooms.
No Television and No Mobile Network- USP of this Place.  You totally get connected with Rustic Holidays and spend quality time with your loved ones and with the Nature. Just like  1970’s days.
Love, warmth, bonding has been experienced by many at Rustic Holidays. The bonding with the destination and Karkare family increased to such a level that guests had their “Weddings” and “Thread Ceremonies” here. The divine environment with all arrangements is apt for such occasions, again we are the Pioneers in Destination Events in Kokan.
Rustic Holidays is not hiring any external labours. The resources used are only from Tural. Be it for any work, Management of the resort is totally taken care by the local manpower. Profit made out of this is utilised in the Village only, since we’re strictly relying on the Local resources.
We are making people aware of the employment opportunities available in the Villages and trying to prevent/ reduce Migration to cities.
To create employment opportunities to the women under the Banner Rustic Recipes we have started Production of Food Products thru SHGs (Self Help Groups). This gives a sense of confidence and ownership to the members (Women) of these SHGs; and they also motivate other women to be part of similar activities. Most of the ingredients are cultivated with help of local manpower (Rice, Ragi, Kulith, Pawta, Mangoes, Bhokar(gunda),  Cashews, Jackfruits etc) and are used  in making of these food products.

Rustic Arts The Handicraft workshop and Store in the premises is a Platform provided for the Local Artisans who are experts in Wood Work, Cloths Articles and Handmade paper articles. Participating in Exhibitions like KALA GHODA & SARAS was quite an achievement.

After moving to Tural, Agriculture has been rejuvenated. Crops like Rice, Kulith, Pawta, Vegetables have been cultivated around the year in ORGANIC way.

Even the Mangos are cultivated in Organic way.

Many Indigenous plants are preserved and planted every year. As there is thick jungle around we have over 160 species of Birds and many Birders visit us for birding to see rare species like Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher, Asian Paradise Fly catcher, Indian Pitta and many more.

Though we have ample water resources which provide water to entire village throughout the year, water is used carefully and even waste water is used for gardening and plantation.

The authentic food is a key attraction at Rustic Holidays. Food is still cooked on chulha and local and traditional Cuisine is part of the Menu. You would find many Lost recipes on our menu. Another great Achievement in this Regard is One of our Recipe was Showcased on EPIC CHAANNEL in their programme –LOST RECEPIES(Season 2 Episode 3) hosted by Celebrity chef Aditya Bal.

We also Promote local folk arts such as Naman, Jakhdi, Tiprya and Lathi Kathi Banati ( a traditional folk martial art form) is also performed as per requirement of the guests.
Traditions & Festivals are celebrated with a lot of devotion and enthusiasm, thus allowing many more tourists to experience the authenticity of our culture and tradition.
The deep connection amongst all the members of the Karkare family helps in their assimilation during festivals and is a beautiful experience for all guests too. The guests become an extended family of the Rustic Holidays and vice versa.