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Home Stay

Real peace for mind and soul. We bet you have not experience such a stage in cities. Rustic Holidays have Earthen cottages

Summer Camp

2nd May to 6th May The urban kids are invited to spend summer, Diwali and Christmas holidays in Kokan at Mamacha Gav.

Destination wedding

Make the most important Event of your life a MEMORABLE ONE.

Ready Contact Form

Let your visitors easily contact you. The builtin readymade contact form makes it easier for clients to contact.

Solace… Peace… Tranquility… All these are hypothetical terms and our life is often a quest for them. But searching for space to rejuvenate, to refresh is a real requirement, especially for the large populace of urban India. RUSTIC HOLIDAYS a unique HOME-STAY destination in kokan. This not a typical star hotel or a resort. Guests actually stay with hosts Nitin & Shilpa Karkare in their 200 year old Wada (house). After quitting their successful careers in Mumbai Nitin & Shilpa decided to shift permanently to their ancestral home in Tural. Tural is blessed with abundant Nature, has enormous variety of plants and birds and also wildlife. Tural is a perfect destination to experience traditions and culture of Kokan region. Visitors can actively participate in activities such as festivals, farming etc. Visitors can experience the CSR activity started by Shilpa and Nitin by starting a subsidiary RUSTIC ARTS where we produce handicrafts in wood like furniture and gift articles , Pottery and other articles, cloth bags quilts etc. all made by local artisans like Carpenters, Potters, Farmers. The USP of Rustic Holidays is There is no TV, Mobile network / internet connectivity hence you are always connected with yourself, your dear ones and most importantly NATURE.